Health Care Socialization

Topics: Physician, Medicine, Patient Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: September 24, 2010
The socialization of caregivers is never ending. This is a very important area in patient- caregiver relationships. Throughout medical school students spend most of their time concentrating on the scientific aspects of healthcare with very little focus on patient’s emotions, feelings or thoughts. After finishing four years of medical school, then the students begin their internships. With long work hours, overwhelming responsibilities, they are also faced with high pressure that prepares them for the real world. Nursing students tend to be more involved in building relationships and communicating with patients. Nursing programs typically offer classes in family life, communications and social issues. (Axia, 2008). Reform Efforts

New reform efforts are underway in some of the medical schools to include training in communications, ethics and the social aspects of an illness. (Axia, 2008). The new programs included in the curricular are designed to put a more humanistic approach to healthcare. They are also using real life mock patients, instead of using cadavers, to receive feedback on their bedside manners. Another area of concern for medical students was the long work hours of students enrolled in their internship. With the new criteria the National Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Educations has requested that interns cut back on their work hours while doing their internship. There are mixed emotions by some in the medical profession pertaining to these new reform efforts. (Axia, 2008).

Physicians and caregivers are faced with grueling schedules, time constraints, competition and in some instances directives from upper management. This in turn can lead to stress and frustration on the caregivers part which flows down to the patient. Some physicians do not like anyone, from patients to nurses or administration to question their abilities or knowledge. With that in mind patients are more apt to not feel comfortable talking to their physicians...

References: Axia College. (2008). Communication Skills for Health Care Professionals. Retrieved March 18, 2010, from Axia College, Week Three, Chapter 4, HCA/230
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