Health Behavior

Topics: Epidemiology, Health care, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: June 10, 2013
Quite often it is the case that behavior is a significant factor in one’s overall health. Health behavior can be defined as what an individual does pertaining to their health and how it can affect their health status. How we react to other people can directly influence our behavior relating to health. Community coalitions work together towards a common goal to keep their communities safe and healthy. Individual healthcare facilities do the same through quality assurance and best practice standards. Consider healthcare professionals who work with patients on a daily basis, if precautions are not taken to ensure protection by using universal precautions i.e. hand washing and wearing proper safety equipment such as goggles gloves masks etc. healthcare professional through their behaviors are exposing themselves to contagions their patients may pass along (Vermont Department of Health, 2011).

Our environment also puts us at health risk if our behaviors pertaining to maintaining good health do not demonstrate a conscious effort to maintain a safe environment. Many individuals with COPD choose to live in areas that exacerbate their condition. This is a behavior that is not beneficial to these individuals. It can be quite harmful for an individual with COPD whether it is asthma, bronchitis, or emphysema to live in environments with a high level of air pollution. This is a behavior that puts these individuals at a higher risk of their chronic condition becoming acute and may have a very negative outcome for the affected people

Risk factors in other hand can significantly increase the possibility of ill health. When physician sees the patient for the first time they obtain health history and physical exam. There different levels of patient histories and physical exams depending on the etiology, severity of the presenting problem or is is more commonly known chief complaint. Past family and social history influence the risk factors and can be as unique and variable...

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