Health and Wellness

Topics: Nutrition, Weight loss, Obesity Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Introduction to Health and Wellness
Age: 22 years oldGender: male
He is not a smoker. He doesn’t maintain a healthy lifestyle. When he encounters difficulties, he shirks his duty. He prefers staying at home rather than doing outside activities. He always sleeps late and used to dine out all the time. Outside food tends to be high in fat, cholesterol, salt and sugar. He consumes insufficient vegetables and fruits because he prefers meats to vegetables and fruits. He eats more meat and less vegetables and fruits. His diet is low in dietary fibre. He easily falls sick due to insufficiency of sleeping time, nutrients. He is picky about food. He prefers deep fried food such as deep fried chicken, French fries etc. Deep fried food and meats tend to be high in fat and cholesterol. He always skips his breakfast. No, he never exercises. He is sedentary. Usually he spends a lot of time sitting in front of the computer. What will you do to encourage this person to lead a healthy lifestyle? I will maintain a healthy lifestyle (including diet, exercise, mental and emotional health) to set a positive example. He may notice the results and want to emulate my lifestyle that has the positive impact on my life. I will try to relate consequences of having unhealthy diet without exercises in our daily conversations. What will you recommend this person to do in terms of exercise? Ask him to exercise with friends or family (exercise in a group).A person exercises in a group tends to be persevere. Do some aerobic exercises (such as jogging, swimming, playing badminton) and strength exercises (such as lifting weight). How do you think this person could achieve holistic health?

He still has a lot to improve his lifestyle (including mental, social and physical). Perseverance is a significant key to achieve holistic health. He has to persevere in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and kick off his bad habits. Age: 52 years oldGender: female

She doesn’t smoke and drink. Although...
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