Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Personal life Pages: 3 (459 words) Published: October 6, 2014
Louis Iovine
“The Relationship between nutrition and diseases”
Block 5

Obesity is now considered a disease. Since November 2013, doctors were told to treat obese patients for weight loss. To be obese is not just bad for your health, it is also physically and mentally bad. The number one way to die in this nation is by heart disease, and number four is having a stroke. That is why doctors are being told this so they can prevent these deaths from happening. Now obesity is formed by the history in your family. If your mom and dad are obese most likely the children will be obese too.

A BMI of 30 or higher means you’re revealed as obese and need help. Almost seventy eight million adults are obese. Obesity has to start somewhere, and it’s all bad eating behavior. A lot of people stress eat. Chronic life stress seems to be related with a larger favor for energy foods, which are high in sugar and fat. Evidence from studies suggests that chronic life stress may be causally linked to weight gain, with a superior effect seen in men. Stress-induced eating may be one issue that’s causing the expansion of obesity.

Nutrition and physical activity are important risk issues of bad health in the United States. To improve your physical health and your mental health you need a health routine in life. Inactive Lifestyles have remained recognized to have high obesity levels, chances in having a stroke, and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, and also a chance of having type II diabetes. The rise of overweight and obesity in Australia reflects international trends and places a significant burden on the health system, economy and the community. Some research has exposed the significance of the constructed environment for physical activity and health, with specific attention on the structure and urban form.

Any action that includes substantial movement of the body and limbs is physical activity. It should not be confused with exercise, which is a...

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