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Heald College as many considered, a well known successful private college throughout the United States. Private colleges have their own way of teaching and enforcing strict rules to make students successful. Although some students who attend Heald may have a slight disagreement upon the rules enforced such as dress code, parking, and attendance policy, a higher percentage think otherwise and agree to it for future success. Therefore, students must obey all rules; even though many feel that because they are paying for school, they have the urge of wearing comfortable clothes and parking anywhere near campus. As for most private colleges, they want their students to be well prepared and ready for the work field with the proper attire and skill.

Dressing nice and looking professional is what most Heald students prefer. Many would like to feel comfortable around their peers and be a role model to others while some believe that it is too much for school. As I interviewed a classmate Jose C. and asked him what he thought about the dress code. He replied, “Dress code is a great thing to get you used to looking professional in your career field.” I personally think that enforcing dress code is a smart idea to get the students prepare for the workforce. Most employers would want to hire a professional dressed person to represent their company. Therefore, many students agree with the dress code Heald provides because they want to look appropriate for future careers.

ealHeadlkhesldkfjdf,ns,fndnd,sndHealHeald parking distance may be a problem to some students, but to most it doesn’t affect them. Although it is roughly a five minute walk to class and the parking lot is not on campus, Heald provides a personal accessible parking lot for their students. As I interviewed another classmate, John Gonzalez, his response to the parking lot issue was “I don’t think it is a big deal, I do with the walking.” In addition, they won’t have to worry about finding parking when...
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