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Independent School

Some parents and educators argue that requiring uniforms in public schools would improve student behavior and performance. They think that uniforms give students a more professional attitude toward school; moreover, they believe that uniforms help create a sense of community among students from diverse backgrounds, but parents and educators should consider the drawbacks to requiring uniforms in public schools. Uniforms do create a sense of community, they do this; however...

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Application of Background Methodology

article conducted by Ji Li, PhD. and Neal Hooker PhD published in the Journal of School Health, to show how the application of background and methodology of the research process can be applied to problems in health care. By examining the purpose of the study, the hypothesis, the variables employed, and the framework used to guide the study, a better understanding of the research process will be gained. Study Purpose Schools have been the subject of many research studies regarding childhood obesity....

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Working Mothers

encourages them to be independent. Another argument against working mothers would be that the education provided to the children at the school is not enough and that they are missing out on an important early learning stage that occurs just through very simple parent-child interaction. Teaching our children moral values, so this argument goes, is more important than sending them to an expensive private school as this is the type of education that cannot be learnt from school. However, these facilities...

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Be the Change, a Personal Reflection on Social Entrepreneurship

It is doubtless that the path of learning of every individual begins through the basic and compulsory schooling that each member of society is set to receive in his or her early years. My primary and secondary school years played a pivotal role in my formation. I attended a private school, and likewise, any extra curricular activities I took part in, particularly when it came to sport were held in a private manner, in a small group if not individually. After having completed sixth form, I had already...

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Pam Personal Esssy

that bringing in another child was more than enough to handle. All three of her siblings before her were provided the opportunity to attend private school their entire lives as she had to settle for public school. Although there do exist a number of exceptional public schools, her school was ranked dead last in education and income for all high schools in the state of Florida. Their lack of emphasis on education poorly prepared their students for college, nearly foreshadowing a narrow path for Pam’s...

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Montessori, Informative Speech Outline

Communications 301 Hybrid 2 April 2013 Montessori Method I) Good Afternoon. Today I’m going to inform you about educational evolution. It is common knowledge that our public school system evolves much slower than private or charter schools. There are so many choices for parents these days. And, the competition outside of public schools is increasing dramatically. Today, I want to introduce you to one particular avenue of education, The Montessori Method. At the end of my speech, I want you to have a...

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ranking is that it does not tell much about the actual amount involved, which can easily to get confused. Here are some examples of misleading statistics, which are having more pictures than it actually has: Author:  Lori Alden Audience:  High school and college economics students Summary:   With this series of 12 puzzles, you can help your students become more discriminating consumers of economic statistics.    Procedure:  Each of the following problems shows one or more misleading statistics...

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Sociological Autobiography

culture. Ethnocentrism can be seen in many areas of life. In third grade I transferred from a public school to a private Christian school. I stayed at this school from third grade through fifth grade. After fifth grade, I switched back to public schools. For some reason, while at a private school, we all got the idea that we were better than everyone else. Because of this, when I went back to public schools, I thought that I was better than everyone there. This is an example of ethnocentrism. Obviously...

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provided to the student. The services not only help students’ with special needs successfully graduate school but it provides them a promising future. Graduating with the tools and knowledge needed to survive on their own, students are now becoming functioning members of our society. As the candidate for my interview, I chose Dr.Gerard Crisinino, special education director of Jersey City Pubic School. He has instilled within him that compassion for working with these children and dedicated the last...

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personal philosophy of teaching and learning against the standard created by the five principles of philosophy outlined by George Counts. The first of these standards requires that my philosophy be based on my experiences. I have worked in a public school as a Resource Educational Assistant for the last five years and this, coupled with my own educational experience has afforded me the opportunity to observe dozens of teachers at close range. From this myriad of experience I have formulated a philosophy...

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