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Date :
I declare that the project report titled Company profile on “HDFC BANK ‘Customer Relationship Management’ ” in the assigned product is my own work conducted under the supervision of Mr.SHAILENDRA PATEL( GUEST LECTURER) department of business management , Autonomus Girls P G College of Excellence,Sagar(M.P.) to the best of my knowledge the report does not contain any work which has been submitted for the award of any degree anywhere,

Name : Goldi Khuswaha
Semester : BBA 2nd sem


This is to certify that Miss Goldi Khuswaha (Enrollment No:- …………)has successfully completed a project / training entitled, “A PROJECT REPORT ONCUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT OF HDFCBANK ” in partial fulfillment for the requirement of BBA(IInd Sem) program.

Signature with Date
SHAILENDRA PATEL(Guest Lecturer) (Project Guide)



I take this opportunity express my profound sense of gratitude and all those who helped me throughout the duration of this project. I also immensely thanks the other faculty member of the institute under who continuous support and guidance I completed the project. The morale support and guidance, which I received from our most loving and respected Dean Mr. ANAND TIWARI , HOD ,Dept. of Management , Autonomus Girls P G College of Excellence,Sagar(M.P.) deserves a special place in my project. Our Mr.SHAILENDRA PATEL (Guide) is a constant motivator and mentor not only in projects and academics but also in all walks of our personal life. Last but not the least I would thank even my friends who supported and co-operated with me. I have received an invaluable response from them and I thank them again.


If we can compare marketing to a long train with a multiple compartment then every bogies represent different aspect of marketing. Marketing strategy formulation depends upon the every aspect of related terms and marketing research plays vital roles to connect each compartment to form a cohesive functional unit. The automotive industry is at the center of India’s new global dynamic. It plays major roles in retaining manufacturing industry growth over 12.5% per annum. The motivation behind the project was to gain clear understanding about marketing research. Through this project I have tried to understand the complexities involved in gathering of data for drawing inferences .The final objective is to produce a result that is accurate, useful, and free from bias and helps in the successful completion of my B.B.A course. The project has been presented in a simple format.


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References: * H Peeru Mohamed A. Sagadevan, 2010, “Customer Relationship Management – a step by step approach”, New Delhi, Vikas Publications.
* IDC, 2004, “The Financial Impact of CRM”, a report
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