Hca/250 Change and Innovation Paper

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Change and Innovation Paper


Change and Innovation
Change and Innovation
In today’s economy we have experienced numerous amounts of change especially within the workplace. Some of these changes consist of new technology, procedures, as well as equipment, which can cause a lot of misunderstandings amongst present employees. According to the scenario given; a major health care organization has decided to use electronic medical records (EMRs). The employees in this organization are resistant to change, specifically changes that have to deal with technology. There are several ways that an employer can resolve situations like these and convert it into a positive that will benefit the facility.

Within the workplace it may be difficult for employees to adapt change due to being confined to their usual agenda. Also most may find it highly difficult to manage the adjustment in using electronic medical records (EMRs), because that’s training that present and future employees would have to complete in order to be certified to use this new technology. Also acknowledge that many of these facilities today rarely offer on-the-job training, which is time that employees have to appoint in order to be up to date with their place of employment which many may not have. Therefore, giving us an understanding why employees would be resistant toward the technical changes within the workplace.

Being that I am a recreational manager at my current place of employment I too have to deal with the questions and concerns of current employees who may have an issue with certain changes. Some strategies that I consider helpful is to start by finding out their reason for not wanting to confine to the new changes and hopefully see if there is a reasonable conclusion that can possibly resolve the situation at hand. Also, stating the present reason(s) for the change, Change and Innovation

giving the employee an explanation on how it will benefit the facility as well as...
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