hazard control

Topics: Material safety data sheet, Drill, Occupational safety and health Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: October 22, 2014

Control of Hazards Mock Exam 1
Identify how a dust problem would be recognised in a workplace. (4) Outline how the human body defends itself against the effects of airborne dust. (6) Outline, using practical examples, the control measures that should be implemented to reduce levels of dust in a workplace. (10) QUESTION 2

Identify TWO causes of fire in a workplace. (2)
Identify THREE methods of heat transfer and state how EACH can assist the spread of fire. (6) QUESTION 3
Identify the possible ill- health effects to workers operating display screen equipment (DSE) (4) b) Identify the features of a suitable seat for use at a DSE workstation. (4) QUESTION 4

A maintenance worker regularly uses a hand held grinder, and is exposed to vibration. Identify the symptoms that the worker may experience due to this exposure. (2) Outline SIX control measures that can be used to reduce the risk from vibration. (6) QUESTION 5

Identify control measures to reduce the risk of electric shock when using a portable electric drill. (8) QUESTION 6
A worker is manually loading boxes of components onto metal racking. Identify FOUR types of injury that the worker could be at risk from while carrying out this task. (4) Outline the factors in relation to the task that will affect the risk of injury. (4) QUESTION 7

Identify control strategies to ensure the safety of pedestrians in vehicle movement areas. (8) QUESTION 8
Identify FOUR mechanical hazards presented when using a pedestal drill. (4) Outline FOUR protection measures to reduce the risk of injury to operators of pedestal drills. (4) QUESTION 9
Identify the hazards that could be present during demolition of an old hotel. (8) QUESTION 10
Outline the factors to be considered for the successful evacuation of persons from a workplace in the event of fire. (8) QUESTION 11
Identify the information...
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