Have a Great Day

Week One Discussion Questions

• To what extent does succession planning—such as for wills, estates, and trusts—affect business? The extent goes far beyond what we could learn within one day. Wills can be intense with particular information on how, who, what, when, and where’s. The wills are created to protect a particular person that may own real-estate. If there is a business deal between two people and one of them has a deceased parent and in the parent will they arenot to ever sale the property they can’t. The will gives no room for the business to grow or move outside of the hands of the person that has took it on.

• How might these legal topics interact with your current or past job or industry?
The legal topics interact with the current industry that I am in now because of taxes could go higher for my customers to purchase from me. The way I pay my taxes to the goverement is definitely affect and cause grief within the community and people may not spend money within the economy so this will tie up a lot of business for me.

• What are the three branches of government and their functions? How are powers balanced in the U.S. government? How does each branch of government make laws? Provide examples.
The three branches of government at the legistlative, executive, and the judicial. Each one has a job to do and it is vital. All three bracnches help to balance out descsision that has or should be made. The legistlative part of the government deals with the senate and the house of representatives, the executive deals with the the president, vice predent and then house and executive are the courts both supreme and federal courts.
An example would be when the government decided to debate about an fiscal cliff. The legistlative would be the ones that may have come up with the idea and the executive are the one that would check to see how if could be done and if it can’t be do with harming something else or taking a less risk then it is not passed on any

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