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Topics: Black people, African American, Sociology Pages: 1 (438 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Wright examines the characterized history about the “Negro Writing” as a culture, not one but two. Also mentioning how the African American community should realize and promote the black masses and elite, and in doing so, bringing to light the struggles of the middle and lower class. Furthermore without this reorganization, the efforts for a potential social change are at a lost.

Within the passage “Blueprint for Negro Writing” Richard Wright has this critical view of emphasizing that it is understood that black writers note and compose works that deal with the black struggles of the past, but he says that they should change focus and write about things that would liberate this view of consciousness and give blacks a sense of direction on where to go and how to strive for equality. It says within the article, “Wright asserts that the view [that] African American writers needed to embrace was one ‘of society as something becoming rather than as something fixed and admired.’” Yeah I understand the motives behind what Write is trying to accomplish. Write wants black writers to stop focusing on what is in the pass and start writing on what is now and what is progress, that way it creates a social construct of “equality for blackness.” But my problem is it has been often said that “you don’t really know yourself if you don’t know nobody else.” And another saying which goes, “Those who don’t know history are bound to repeat it.” With this said, the reason I’m stating these two paraphrased quotes of concept is because Why stop writing of what has happened in the past to the struggles of blacks when I believe it’s what a society like our country needs most? In a time where I believe our country has been uprooted from its values and beliefs and has totally forgotten to where it has come from to the progress of where it is today and the election of the first African American I believe that it is imperative and crucial that Black writers keep framing the past by...
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