Hardware Software Components

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Appendix E

Hardware/Software Components

In your own words, describe the following hardware/software components

|Legacy systems |Is an older system that remains vital to organizations. The reason that it remains so| | |vital is because they were developed many of years ago and when the system was updated| | |there were no notes made to tell what changes or add-ons was made therefore using a | | |system more modern may cause a system failure because there is no way to know exactly | | |how to program it to fit the needs of the organization. | |Mainframe computers |Mainly used in large organizations networking anywhere from 100-400 computers to | | |process a large amount of data. | |Microprocessors |A silicon chip that contains a CPU. Microprocessors also control the logic of almost | | |all digital devices from radio clocks to fuel injection systems in cars. | |PCs |Personal Computer. | |Network computers |Computers that has minimal memory and is used to connect to a network especially the | | |internet. | |World Wide Web and Internet |A quick way of sharing information globally between different computers that are | | |linked together through the internet system...
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