hardware and software system

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Current trends in hardware and software include the increasing use of reduced instruction-set computing, movement to the UNIX operating system which is the development of large software libraries, microprocessor-based smart terminals that allow remote validation of data, speech synthesis and recognition, application generators, now in fourth-generation languages, computer-aided software engineering, object-oriented technologies, and artificial intelligence. The computer industry and its products continue to undergo dynamic change. Software development continues to lag behind hardware, and its high cost is offsetting the savings provided by hardware. A) How does hardware platforms involved in

- Mobile platform:
A mobile platform is the operating system that controls a mobile device or information appliance similar in principle to an operating system such as Windows, Mac OS, or Linux that controls a desktop computer or laptop. However, they are currently somewhat simpler, and deal more with the wireless versions of broadband and local connectivity, mobile multimedia formats, and different input methods. Examples of devices running a mobile operating system are smartphones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), tablet computers and information appliances or what are sometimes referred to as smart devices, which may also include embedded systems, or other mobile devices and wireless devices. - Grid computing:

It involves connecting geographically remote computers into a single network capable of working in parallel on business problems that require short-term access to large computational capacity. Meaning rather than purchase huge mainframes or super computers, firms can chain together thousands of smaller desktop clients into a single computing grid. Example thinks about how much time you don’t use your personal computer, in reality not a lot. Most computers in the world are being idle and at night they are sleeping. What if you could combine all the idle time...
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