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Topics: Research, Filipino people, Happiness Pages: 4 (645 words) Published: August 23, 2014
The Problem and its Background

Happiness as a concept is poorly understood, inside and outside the workplace. It is important to see in an organization for employees to be happy, and not just for the employees themselves. Many people feel that if they become successful at work, they will automatically become happy. But it should be reversed. It is important to be happy which will then help people to become successful. (Achor, 2011) In Shawn Achor's book (The Happiness Advantage, 2010), happiness meansㅡ the joy people feel striving after their potential. It occurs along the way to achieve one's potential, not just when that potential has been achieved. People can also develop and fulfill their potential by better understanding the social support at work. It is just that they should remember, giving support is better than receiving it. Happiness seems to be similar with thriving for it involves the experience of positive emotions. But it is focused on specific type of emotion that is called as vitality or energy. When people are thriving in their work, they feel alive and their work gives them energy. (Spreitzer, 2010)

This research entitled, “Promoting Filipino Hospitality: Assessing the Happiness Index of Selected Faculty Members of College of Communication in PUP”.
Specifically, it sought answers to the following questions: 1. What is the happiness rate of faculty members in their college? 2. Can student affect the happiness of faculty members?
3. What is the main reason that affects the happiness of faculty members?

Significance of the Study
Significance of the Study to Students. This study helps the students to know the rate of happiness of the faculty members in their college. To the Academe. This encourages the faculty to improve more in their workplace and to know how they are contented with their profession. To the Future Researchers. This will help and benefit the future researchers as a...
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