Topics: Motivation, Two-factor theory, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: April 24, 2015
Student’s Name : Simin Liu
Theory Topic : Strategy
Class : BM8
Teacher : Maureen Paddon

SAP & Saviour Beds
SAP and Savoir Beds are both excellent companies that got huge success in their individual area. They apply the two factor theory perfectly so that they owned their customer loyalty and make more and more profit to strong their company.

Two factor theory also refer to Herzberg’s motivator-hygiene theory. Which is created by American psychologist Fredrick Herzberg. Two factor theory demonstrate that there are exact factors which rouse people’s work motivation, one is hygiene theory, the other is motivation theory. Only motivation theory can bring satisfaction to people. However, hygiene theory can only let people’s grievance disappear but without any gratify. ‘SAP is one of the world’s largest producer of business software. ‘ (BBC news 2003) SAP as representing Two Factors Theory. Obviously, employees can find their happiness when they do their work, they are like their work from their inside this illustrate the first factor of Motivator-Hygiene that is only the needs which called encourage factor is satisfied then employee can be motivated. Because not every needs have to be satisfied.‘Throughout the building and this is good for teamwork,It cheers you up, and we've also got flexible benefits so I can buy holiday time or choose to contribute more to my pension, and a lot of the benefits are extended to family too.’ These are good example of positive social impact, due to this employee are more like SAP.

‘The flexible portion of each salary can be used to buy and sell annual leave, for dental or medical services, for pensions, life assurance and concierge services.’ (BBC news 2003) SAP still did a good job at the second factor, Through satisfied employee’s resentful, SAP have eliminate the factor which can easily cause dissatisfaction, slack in work even strike. So, the most important way that SAP motivate their employee is to give their money and...
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