Hans and the Romans Dbq

Topics: Working class, Upper class, Social class Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: January 24, 2013
The Hans and the Romans both had very fascinating views on their technology. While The Han’s attitude toward technology was viewed as a positive contribution to their society the Romans had positive views other Romans had negative attitudes. Every document has its own opinions on the way they appreciate technology some support which is making then look good, while some think it’s for low class people and not for government. In order to fully analyze Han and Roman attitudes toward technology it would have been helpful to have an additional document of an interview with a Roman laborer because all of the other documents were from higher class Romans who did not work with tools and such technology. Documents 1, 8 agree with each other because the upper class people believed that technology is great and is needed. Document 1 by a Han government official said that the empire needed to be protected more fully, because it’s the government responsibility. While document 8 by a Roman general and a water commissioner said that water is easy to use and is pleasurable, because he is sticking up for himself so he can look good. Documents 2, 5 and, 7 agree in a way that they all think upper class and government should not be at the use of technology, they believe that lower classes like peasants should be the ones dealing with technology. Document 2 by a Han government official states that tools were made way better by individual families like the lower classes than the ways made by government and upper classes, so he believes only lower class people should deal with technology not government. Document 5 by an upper class Roman political leader says workshops are horrible when they are controlled by government he would much rather have lower class do it because they are much better at it. Document 7 by an upper class Roman philosopher states that Technology belongs to the lower class because the upper class are too good and special to use such technology. Documents...
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