Romans and Barbarians Dbq

Topics: Ancient Rome, Barbarian, Civilization Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: November 2, 2012
Romans and Barbarians DBQ

According to the Romans nomads were considered to be barbarians, however over time Romans began to develop nomadic customs which were no longer considered barbaric but civilized. To the Romans a ‘barbarian’ was anyone who was an outsider of their land, and in that case nomads were considered to be barbaric. Nomads are known as a small group of people that don’t have a permanent settlement, and travel and migrate from place to place. Nomadic people also had a different type of lifestyle from the Romans, for example the nomads hunted and gathered their food, and which was considered cave man like. Before the fall of Rome the Romans were considered to be civilized people with a respectable religion and culture, and after the nomads took over it turned out to be the same thing.

By reading what historians and politicians have to say it seems to me that their definition of a ‘barbarian’ is an evil, filthy, and lazy creature. According to an unknown historian barbarians are an evil spirit possessed by the devil who do horrible acts of crime, and who also have lust and sin. This writer is also the historian that mentions about their dislike of personal hygiene, and who says, “They grease their blonde hair with butter and care not that it smells rancid.” To another historian who goes by the name of Tacitus, he believes that the barbarian people are nothing but lazy, fat, and greedy young men who leave all of the work and labor “to the women, the old men, and all the weakest members of the family.” From what these historians have written or given opinions about I see no reason to call the nomadic people barbarians, although they did have a personal hygiene problem that was their way of adapting to their environment.

Although I do say that I don’t believe the nomadic people should be considered barbarians based on what historians and politicians have made of them; they did have a very strong military background, and also a thing for...
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