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Topics: Ohm's law, Electric current, Resistor Pages: 3 (634 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Chapter 3: Current and Resistance

Quick Quizzes - QUESTIONS

1. Consider positive and negative charges moving horizontally through the four regions in Figure 17.2. Rank the magnitudes of the currents in these four regions from lowest to highest. (Ia is the current in Figure 17.2a, Ib the current in Figure 17.2b, etc.) (a) Id , Ia , Ic , Ib (b) Ia , Ic , Ib , Id (c) Ic , Ia , Id , Ib (d) Id , Ib , Ic , Ia (e) Ia , Ib , Ic , Id (f) none of these

Figure 17.2

2. Suppose a current-carrying wire has a cross-sectional area that gradually becomes smaller along the wire, so that the wire has the shape of a very long cone. How does the drift speed vary along the wire? (a) It slows down as the cross section becomes smaller. (b) It speeds up as the cross section becomes smaller. (c) It doesn’t change. (d) More information is needed.

3. In Figure 17.7b, does the resistance of the diode (a) increase or (b) decrease as the positive voltage ΔV increases?

Figure 17.7 (a) The current–voltage curve for an ohmic material. The curve is linear, and the slope gives the resistance of the conductor. (b) A nonlinear current–voltage curve for a semiconducting diode. This device doesn’t obey Ohm’s law.

4. Suppose an electrical wire is replaced with one having every linear dimension doubled (i.e. the length and radius have twice their original values). Does the wire now have (a) more resistance than before, (b) less resistance, or (c) the same resistance?

5. A voltage ΔV is applied across the ends of a nichrome heater wire having a cross-sectional area A and length L. The same voltage is applied across the ends of a second heater wire having a cross-sectional area A and length 2L. Which wire gets hotter? (a) the shorter wire, (b) the longer wire, or (c) more information is needed.

6. Two resistors, A and B, are connected in a series circuit with a battery. The resistance of A is twice that of B. Which resistor dissipates more power?...
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