Electric Current

Topics: Electric current, Ohm's law, Resistor Pages: 3 (746 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Name _____________________Battery, resistance, and current – Lab 17

Go to http://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/battery-resistor-circuit

and click on Run Now.

Batteries, Resistance and Current

Check “show battery” and “show cores”, watch what happens, adjust some variables

1. Why do electrons (blue dots) move? Draw a diagram of the battery, label the flow of electrons. The flow of current (+) is opposite; draw this and note if toward or away from + terminal of the battery.

The electrons are moving because of the voltage of the battery. Away from +terminal.

2. What does the Ammeter (on the left) measure? How is this shown in the sim? An ammeter measures amperes or flow of current 3. What role do the “green dots” in the resistor play in the sim? What do you think they represent? What does this tell you about the effect of resistors in a circuit? They are putting resistance on the electrons flowing through. The electrons move faster when the resistance is turned down, and the battery becomes increasingly hot.

4. Increase the resistance (# green dots). What affect does this have on temperature? WHY? It lowers the temperature because when the resistance is down, there are positive amps going back into the battery causing it to overheat. When the resistance is higher, there are less amps going in. which decreases the temp.

5. When the circuit gets hotter, what affect does this have on current? Explain using kinetic-molecular theory. The electrons become bundled up, leaving spaces between them. It also increases their speed.

6. To make the circuit “cold”, what do you need to do? WHY? Turn the resistance up and the voltage down. It completely stops the flow of electrons through the battery. Which means the battery is not able to work because there is no electric current being created.

7. Describe the relationship between voltage and...
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