ECT122 W6 ILab 1

Topics: Volt, Electrical resistance, Battery Pages: 3 (465 words) Published: January 21, 2015
ECT122 Week 6 iLab #1

1. Define troubleshooting.
The process of locating faults in a circuit or system.

2. What is an open circuit?
An open circuit is a circuit that has infinite resistance. This results in no current through the open circuit or anything in series with it. It is often referred to as an open.

3. What is the primary symptom of an open circuit?
Symptoms of an open circuit include the current through the component drops to zero. The resistance of the open component becomes too high to measure. The applied voltage is measured across the open.

4. What is a short circuit? Name several characteristics.
A short circuit is a circuit that has zero resistance. Any components in parallel with a short circuit has zero volts across it, and all the current goes through the short circuit. It is often referred to as a short. Characteristics of a short circuit included the resistance of the shorted component is extremely low. The current through the short-circuit current path is extremely high. This high current may cause a circuit fuse to open or some other component to open. The voltage across the shorted component is extremely low.

5. What is the primary symptom of a short circuit?
The primary symptom of a short circuit is extremely high current reading.

6. Using the circuit below and the indicated values, calculate the total current and voltage drops across each resistor.

Rt= r1+r2= 1kΩ+1kΩ= 2000 x 10^3= 2kΩ It= V/Rt= 10V/2kΩ= 0.005x10^-3= 5mA
Vr1= Ir1 x R1= 5mA x 1kΩ= 5V

Vr2= Ir2 x R2= 5mA x 1kΩ= 5V

7. Download the MultiSim file “Trouble1” from Doc Sharing, Week 6. Run the simulation. Determine the fault in the circuit by comparing the simulated results with the calculated values. What is the fault in the circuit? How did you come to that conclusion?



There is a short in R1. This is determined because the...
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