HA255 01 Unit 9 Assignment

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HA255: Human Resources for Healthcare Organizations
Unit 9 Assignment


Issues at St. Vincent’s Hospital
Creating the Right System
Achieving the Right System
Advantages / Disadvantages
Future Advoidance

Issue at St. Vincent’s Hospital

What is the issue?

One of the major concerns at St. Vincent’s is the length of patients stay.

It has also became a major issue of the cost for patients staying longer than expected 

These problems have occurred over the time because of the lack of communication Changing the Current System

Creating the right system to fix the current issues –
Create an in-home healthcare service program. The concept is similar to the nursing home environment.
 This program will provide patients with the extended care needed in their own homes.
 Overall this home service can decrease the length of stay in hospitals and also the cost to the organization.
 This service will also focus on improving the patients health inside their own homes. 

The Alternative and Proposal

At Home Healthcare Services –
Locate and hire certified home healthcare nurses and aides.
 Ensure that personnel are well qualified to complete task set forth.
 Providers will work with patients mostly unsupervised and must be able to work alone, as well as report back to the Primary Care Manager about current status of patient.

Training and Orientation
 All candidates will complete an 2 hour assessment to consider placement in the program.  CPR test will also be administered.
 Employee’s will be evaluated on their skills and qualifications.
 This evaluation will be reviewed by management and the most qualified candidates will be selected.
 Pay and policies will be provided for each chosen employee based off of previous experience and training.

More Training

Employees will work together on

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