Williams Shanika Primary Care Outpatient Services and Hospitals

Topics: Medicine, Hospital, Clinic Pages: 4 (286 words) Published: April 28, 2015

“Primary Care, Outpatient Services and Hospitals”
Shanika Williams
Grantham University

1. Define each outpatient healthcare setting as listed in your text. Practice - form the backbone of ambulatory care. b. Hospital outpatient clinics - function as the community safe net. c. freestanding facilities - walk in clinics b. Mobile facilities - provide certain types of health service d. Telephone triage- expert opinion and advice. f. Home care - service bought to people at home. g. hospice care -a cluster of comprehensive services. H. outpatient long term care -provide coordination and complements informal care. I. Public services -care of patients. j. Community health - provide family orientation and preventive care. Alternative clinics - including wide range of treatments. 2. Explain the significance of gatekeeping in regards to primary care and keeping healthcare costs down. Gatekeeping - is mainly for the care of the patients to prevent them from been admitted into a hospital without their primary physician. 3. Define primary, secondary, and tertiary care and give examples of each one in action. Primary care - is the conceptual foundation for outpatient service. Example:  Hospitals Ed service is usually intended to provide care. Secondary - is short term in nature.  Example:  Routine surgery.  Tertiary - the most complex level. Example:  trauma care 4. Define each type of hospital listed in your text.

Community - nonfederal shoot term stay. Public- hospital owned by agencies.  Practice - operated by community.  Private - owned by individual.  General - provide diagnostic surgical.  Specialty -administration admit only certain types. Psychiatric - provide diagnostic and health. Rehabilitation - retain the maximum level of function. Children’s -have special facilities. Rustling located in a Country. Teaching -have to offer one or more graduate residence program. Osteopathic - represent an approach medical private....

References: Essentials of the U.S HealthCare System 3rd Ed. Chapters 7&8
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