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Health Care Museum
This proposal for the new health care hall of fame exhibits will discuss the history, impact developments, and how these exhibits relate to each other in the health care system. Exhibit A: Home Health Care

Historic timeline of (VNA) Visiting nursing association, is not known as a replacement for all hospital care, but has become an important setting for delivering preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation, and long term maintenance services, while proving care in the home since the 1800’s.Visiting nurse association is known by several names; VNA, or home health care agency/association. Dating back to 1896, with Anna Millard and Omaha Women’s club, organized the “VNA” to aide Miss Millard in her benevolent work (vnna,2013 ). With long history of providing care, VNA are recognized as an important community resource, as patients spend less time in the hospital and the American population continues to age. The demand for home health care has been steadily increasing according to VNA,2013. Medicaid, Medicare, third party payers, tax-deductible charitable contributions reimburse VNA services. Exhibit B: Public Health

The most factors in improving the health of the people of the United States are the clean water, clean air, and the control of sewage, according to “Health in America Milestones”, being the biggest preventive to cured illness, a clean environment. Going back in time before public health, Americans did not have a clear understanding of “germ theory”, which death among the Americans and their livestock; contaminated local wells from human waste. Data began by the public health services, after series of epidemics, efforts but improving street cleaning and sewers, reducing death and illness rates. By the 20th century according to Health in America Milestones”, progressive-era reform continue to improve the health of the American people through the inspection of milk, creation of visiting nurses, and the discovery of...

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