Guinness Company

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The company´s history

Zu1. Arthur Guinness the founder of the Guinness Company was born in Celbridge in 1725. His father Richard had an own brewery and brew beer for workers. He taught his son in the art of brewing and bought him at least a little brewery in Leixlip.

Zu 2. At the age of 34 Arthur leased a disused brewery in Dublin at St. James´s Gate. Within 2 years he married Olivia Witmore a wealthy, well connected young lady in Dublin society. With Olivia he had 21 children of which only 10 children reached into adulthood. Inspite of tough competition from English breweries the Irish loved the beer Arthur brewed at St. James`s Gate.

Zu3. Arthurs brewey has been exporting beer to England for a couple of years now. The company was initially (=means zunächst) only brewing ale (which is a bright sort of beer). But in 1778 Guinnes started producing the new dark beer Port, which made Guinness famous later on.

Zu4. In 1799 Arthur`s brewery completely stopped producing Ale because of the great success they had with Port beer. Arthur had always been a fair employer thats why he could quickly build up a sizeable work force of loyal workers.

Zu5. In 1803 Arthur Guinnes died at the age of 78 in Dublin. He established his company successfully in brewing industry. His son Arthur Guinness II took over the ownership of the management of the Guinness company.

Zu6. In the 1830`s the family buisness gradually (stetig) grew and Guinness became the largest brewery in Ireland. The output(Produktion) of the Guinness company exceeded even the one of the Beamish company which had been the most successful beer producing company (bpc) in Ireland to this day.

Zu7. In 1862 the first trade mark lable for Guinness was designed and published. In the year 1868 Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness the currently owner of the Guinness Company died and his son Edward took over the the Leadership of the Brewery. Under Edward the size of the company doubled.

Zu8.In 1886 the...
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