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Bachelor in Information Technology Program

Selection Assignment Code - u08a1
Assignment Name - Growing the Organization
Name –

Enterprise Architecture
Dr. Rhonda Polak
Date – September 5, 2010


The organization that I will create (known going forward as the “selected organization”) is one that provides consulting services to the financial services industry. The services that will be provided will be from regional offices close to major metropolitan areas in North America. Services will target banks, savings and loans and other support services that complement the financial industry. There are four possible types of operating models, Diversification, Coordination, Replication and Unification (Ross, Weil & Robertson, 2006). The selected company will utilize an operating model that represents a Unification standard. The Unification standard exemplifies an environment of high standardization and high integration (Ross, Weil & Robertson, 2006). This paper will determine the strategies for growing the organization identify strategies that are realistic and appropriate for the type of organization, identify an implementation plan that is realistic in terms of resources and strategy and will explain a rationale for the stated recommendations.

Determine strategies for growing the organization

Upon completion of the EA implementation, the fundamental next step for the organization will be to ensure that staff is in place to accomplish the business plans of the organization. There will be two fundamental guidelines followed for identifying candidates and that will be to select individuals with wisdom over knowledge and those with integrity over experience. Finding the right person for an open position is the biggest challenge in hiring but getting new hires on solid ground is key to ensure that they will be effective. Effective development of staff is not necessarily to make workers happier or more satisfied; it's about getting more done, more cost-effectively. Although it is very important to have happy/satisfied workers since long term employee relationships can be just as important as any long term client relationship. When supporting staff across multiple locations, the various teams may become pulled in different directions, staff will need to be technologically savvy and rely on senior managers to keep information flowing effectively. The staff initiatives to be performed should be a three phased approach as follows: Analyze the current state – what’s happening, what’s not working well, what best practices exist. Envision the desired future state - consider best practices, adopt or adapt them, or create something new. Implement the vision.

The following is the end vision of a foundation of the consulting group: Fashioned leadership team, one that strives to inspire, engage and serve others. Promoted organizational clarity, one that is consistently over communicated. Improved staff development opportunities, with defined activities that met specific needs and utilizes new educational tools and technologies. Defined career ladders that outline both experience and education requirements for advancement. Interested, innovative and motivated staff.

One final note will center on managing the risk associated with managing teams that are geographically and culturally distributed. To manage these distributed teams, focus will be required across client assignments, pertaining to the break down and distribution of tasks, how to share knowledge across time, space, and cultural differences, and how to coordinate work to produce successful outcomes. Identify strategies that are realistic and appropriate for the type of organization.

As part of the overall business plan, concurrent initiatives are to be performed for growing the business relative to the products and services that the organization supports. The first strategy...

References: Ross, J.W., Weil, P., & Robertson, D.C. (2006). Enterprise Architecture as Strategy. Creating A Foundation For Business Execution
Wanless, J. (2009). Banking in the post-GFC era. InFinance, (4), 22-24.
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