unit 520 level 5

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Tystiolaeth Cyflawniad/Performance evidence record


Enw’r ymgeisydd/Candidate nameHeather Mann

Defnyddiwch y ffurflen hon I gyfnodi manylion gweithgareddau (Ticiwch y bwlch priodol) Use this form to record details of activities (tick appropriate box)

Arsyllwyd gan eich asesydd
Observed by your assessor

Gwelwyd gan arbenigwr tyst
Seen by an expert witness

Adroddiad huan adlewyrchol
Self reflective account

CD –Canlyniad Dysgu
LO – Learner Outcome

SYLWER Gall eich asesydd ofyn cwestiynau llafar yn berthynas i’r gweithgaredd hon. Sicrhau eu bod yn cael eu cofnodi yn y bocs priodol. Bydd rhaid i’r person sydd wedi ardystio/arsylwi arwyddo y dudalen olaf NB Your assessor may wish to ask you some questions relating to this activity. Ensure they are either recorded in the performance evidence or on a “Questioning record. The person who observed/witnessed your activity must sign and date the last page.

Dyddiad y gweithgaredd
Date of activity

Tystiolaeth y perfformiad
Performance evidence

Good staff are the key point to a successful business. They need to be the right person for the right role. A poor staff member can cost time and money and can in turn bring a lack of confidence in the Company by the authorities which use our services. IT is therefore imperative that the recruitment criteria to followed and adhered to. We have a recruitment and selection policy ( see evidence 1) We have to cover all aspects in the legislation needed for the health and social care industry. These include: Asylum and Immigration Act 1996.

Data Protection Act 1998.
Care Standards Act 2000.
Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.
Safeguarding of Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.
Health and Social Care Act 2008.
Equality Act 2010.
We also have to cover Regulations in Health and Social Care, these include: Health and Social Care Act 2008.
Employment Equality Regulation (religion or belief and Sexual orientation) 2003. Employment Equality Regulation (age) 2006.
Part time Workers Regulation 2000.
There may be times when criminal convictions or cautions are disclosed on an application form or at interview stage. Some of these convictions or cautions may require us as a company to seek specialist help to discover the full story of the offence. The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 allows some convictions to be ignored after a certain rehabilitation period. The reasoning behind this is so that the person holding the conviction will not have a lifelong ‘scar’ on their record if it has been a minor offence in their past. Once the rehabilitation period is spent and no other convictions are made, in certain instances the person may not need to disclose the conviction, if for example applying for a job. In adults the normal rehabilitation is 5 years for non- custodial sentences, 7 years for custodial sentences up to 6 months and 10 years for custodial sentences over 6 months and up to 2 ½ years Any custodial sentence over 2 ½ can never be spent.. The period for young offenders is normally half that of an adult. Jobs in the care sector are exempt under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and all applicants must under- go and pass an enhanced DBS (disclosure and barring service)previously known as CRB (criminal records bureau)

Huntley and Carr, Soham murders 2002.
Ian Hunley had slipped through the net on his CRB as police had entered his name incorrectly and the wrong date of birth. Even with many previous allegations against children, none had resulted in any conviction, but the school were aware of his past history but still employed him. Home Secretary David Blunkett stated he would start an investigation into the ‘vetting system’ In this case police have declared they should have checked identity input was correct and that all previous allegations which were held on file should have been further investigated.

Serious case...
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