Group work narrative

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I looked around the classroom at the empty, oaken desk chairs. The lights were still off in the room, but the large windows allowed the sunlight to drape the room. I was the first one there, as usual; ready to begin with ideas practically leaking from my brain. But until the meeting started, I kept them still and quiet just waiting for the right time. I took the chairs in the room and organized them into a circle. I tried to acquire a couple tables for any materials that the members of my groups would bring.

I unloaded the work I had done to prepare for the meeting on the table in front of me in an orderly fashion. The many files I kept in my book bag were tagged according to their subject and date, which made finding the correct contents easy. Almost as soon as I finished, the others walked in. As they entered the room, I stood as a signal of respect to the others. They saw me there, and most smiled or said hello to initialize the meeting process.

As the members of my group sat, I could not help but notice how strong of a team we formed. Even all of our selected majors exemplified what a boss would look for in a team. They ranged from communications to fine arts. It was astonishing to see the diversity of talent in the room. We were all some of the best at what we do. And here we were, assembled in one single basement, ready to make something happen for our project.

At first, I did not know what to expect from my new teammates. But as everyone piled into the basement, the cordiality between the students was unavoidable. Each person shook the others’ hands and mine, as if it was Sunday mass in a Catholic church. We were a community, not just a team thrown together to accomplish one task and to leave, never seeing each other again. As far as the next person was concerned, we were here to stay, and ready to fully dedicate ourselves in the work we had ahead of us. We were motivated.

Each person pulled out his or her folders and took out their files just...
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