Topics: Jordan, Arab World, Sudan Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Eng 203 – Section 11
February 21, 2013

The term graffiti is very ambiguous. It can be regarded as an art or as scribbling of infidels. As we walk down the streets of Beirut, we tend to see various types of graffiti. They can be ways in which people tend to express themselves in terms of anger or revenge and to talk about their hard conditions. There is always a hidden message behind these catchy artistic images. As Rasha Salti mentioned in her article "Urban Scrolls and Modern-Day Oracles"' graffiti develops with respect to the political and social state in the country. After the wars the graffiti changes significant. Salti mentioned how wall graffiti was most common after the outbreak of the civil war. Like the current situation with the Arab revolution taking place, known as "Arab Spring" affected the development of graffiti. It gave the people an opportunity to express their negative views against certain political or social issues, by writing certain slogans or drawings which symbolize their standing point. After these revolutions, while walking down the street of Abdel Aziz, the wall graffiti around will not but catch ones attention. One graffiti which caught the attention was the cage with the X on it. This piece of art holds an inner message inside the cage that is displayed. This picture can be summarized or examined in many ways; the most obvious would be of course the scream for freedom according to the news in the Arab world nowadays. Freedom can come in many forms, first being the social perspective, meaning the population would like more of a democratic voice, and to remove the mute that has been oppressed on them. This cage can be looked at as a sound proof prison, the screams only can be heard by the person who attempts to voice them, and they are ignored and not delivered to the correct audience. Politically, this cage represents the consequences of having sectarian issues in the country- or in the Arab Countries in general as we have seen...
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