Grading System

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Grading System:

Experiments (Total of 8) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 60% Midterm (4), Finals (4)

Breakdown of the 60%:
• Pre-Lab --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15% o Research (Data Sheets, Write-Ups)

• Experimentation ----------------------------------------------------------------- 15% o Materials (No Materials no experiment)
o Experiment Results (Hand Written Short Bond Paper)

• Defense ------------------------------------ 15%
o Documents

• Post-Lab ----------------------------------- 15%
o Examination

Practical Exam --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 40% • Midterm / Finals

Passing Grade: 60%

NOTE: The laboratory is 50% of the total grade of the subject

1. A maximum of 3 absences will be equivalent to NGA
2. Please take note of the following:
a. NO. pre-lab, NO experiment
b. NO. materials, NO experiment
c. NO. Defense, NO post-lab

3. Late submission of documents will get a highest grade of 40%

4. Rounding off and cut-offs

Grades are rounded off to 4 significant figures and therefore comes in the form XX.XX. The Computer Science / Associate in Computer Technology department has a standard cut-off of 50 for the passing score and follows the transmutation table found in the Student’s Handbook. This means that a raw score of 49.99 translates to a grade of 5.0.

. Giving Incomplete Grades

. Valid Cases

A student may be given a grade of incomplete only when he is not able to take the final examinations or submit a final requirement for the following reasons:

a. sickness/ hospitalization
b. personal emergency subject to the discretion of the teacher and / or the SAC such as but not limited to serious illness of a family member c. failure to present a test permit (in this case, however, the faculty is advised to give the student the final exam but to state clearly that it will not be recorded until the permit is presented)

However, if upon computation of grades, it is found that the student will still get a failing grade even if he gets a perfect score in the requirement in question, he is automatically given a 5.0 instead of INC.


1. The Pre-lab Report

The pre-lab report shows the student’s preliminary research for the experiment. Here, he is expected to develop a general idea about how the experiment is to be conducted and how results can be verified.

The pre-lab contains the following sections:

a. Objective – as stated by the instructor
b. Theoretical framework – This is where the students discuss the theory that they wish to verify. Generally, we give a brief history or background about the theory, who discovered it and how it was discovered. More importantly, we state the theory itself and demonstrate how it is used. c. Conceptual framework – In certain cases where, instead of a theory, a student wishes to conduct an experiment on the synthesis of several concepts and/or theories with an existing system, the conceptual framework is used in place of the theoretical framework to outline possible courses of action or to present a preferred approach. The conceptual framework is rarely used with the theoretical framework. d. Procedures – Create a list of the activities that need to be performed to meet the stated objectives

2. The Final Report

The final report contains all the sections in the Pre-lab report plus the following:

a. Data and results – this section contains the following information i. Experiment results
ii. Comparative analysis – a simple comparison...

References: IX. Appendix
i. Pre-Lab
ii. Experimental Report
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