Experimental Research

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Computer – Aided Instruction in English in Kinder II at UB Laboratory Elementary School

Background of the Study

➢ intervention of the computer
➢ the use of computers in instruction
➢ quality education can be achieved by providing adequate and effective means to carry the activity of the teaching – learning process ➢ UB Laboratory Elementary School introduced computer education only in Grade III to VI

Statement of the Problem

➢ to determine the effectiveness of the computer – aided instruction (CAI) method in teaching ➢ level of performance in English subject in the a) pre-test b) post-test ➢ significant differences in the performance of subject in the pre-test and post-test

Research Design

➢ experimental type of research
- pre-test
- post-test

Step 1. Asked permission of the Principal of UB Lab. Elem. School to conduct experimental study. Step 2. Administered the pre-test to the respondents – pupils were asked to answer the questions flashed on the monitor screen. Step 3. Result were scored, recorded and kept for future purpose. Step 4. The experiment proper was implemented after administering the pre-test. Step 5. Just after the treatment, the researcher administered the post-test. Step 6. The researcher conducted a remediation to the group.

Population of the Study

➢ 28 pupils in Kinder II


➢ the very satisfactory level of performance of the respondents in the pre-test and excellent in the post-test proves that CAI is very effective. ➢ the significant differences in the mean gain rating of the respondents in the pre-test and post-test , it is safe to coincide that the CAI method of instruction in teaching is very effective.


➢ CAI method must be used along with the traditional method in teaching ➢ similar...
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