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Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Social work, International Federation of Social Workers Pages: 7 (2060 words) Published: April 18, 2013
| | |This project contains information about activity of exercise which I will do with a service user at my placement. It will base on | |sociological and psychological knowledge and also current policies and legislations. | | | |I am student in a local authority day centre. My placement supports adults with physical and sensual impairment. The day centre | |provides range of different groups designed for disabled people. I have chosen an exercise group to my project to describe an | |individual service user. | |The organisation is registered service and regulated by the Care Inspectorate which was established by Regulation of Care ( Scotland| |) Act 2001. Trained and qualified staff works with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) requirements. All service users | |within the placement are treated accordingly with the criteria delineated by the National Care Standards – Support Services. | |Each service user in the organisation has his key worker, who creates an individual care plan based on assessments and taking into | |account the needs and expectations of the individual. | |As a student in the placement I comply with all regulations listed above. In the centre I provide appropriate level of care and help| |in taking part in all available activities. Treat all service users with dignity, privacy, give to all service users choice, provide| |safety, allow realising potential and take account of equality and diversity to each individual. | |I chose an individual who I named Mr X to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 to mention that personal information have | |to be used in fully anonymous as awareness of confidentiality and one of a main principal of National Care Standards and SSSC – to | |respect a privacy of service user. | | | |Mr X is disabled since 2009 after when he had cerebrovascular accident (CVA) and resulting in his left sided weakness. Despite his | |disability he still lives in his own home and has a support worker. He is keen to remain as independent as possible but is | |frustrated by his poor mobility. He uses wheelchair fulltime and suffers from epilepsy and diabetes. | |Mr X grew up in nuclear family. He had both parents and sibling - brother and four sisters. His siblings and his mother still live | |and they all are in very good relation to each other. | |Mr X grew up in very familiar environment during his primary socialisation and values gained through this time transferred on his | |later life. He also had a lot of friends. Mr X was very attached to his family and treats closest people as the most important. As | |Bowlby’s theory of attachment says that through attachment to mother Mr X’s basic physiological needs had been satisfied in primary | |socialization. | |(Malim. T, Birch. A.,1998) | |...
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