Government: Too Big for Its Own Britches

Topics: President of the United States, United States Constitution, United States Congress Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: October 18, 2007
Government: Too Big for Its Own Britches
The government in America has obtained too much power for its own good. Scandals such as wiretapping, the absence of Habeas Corpus in detained "terrorists", and the war on terror are all proof of this fact. There is a public outcry for the government to stop these acts, but their cries fall upon deaf ears. The Bush administration refuses to acknowledge the opinions of the masses, justifying all their actions either under Constitutional powers or executive rights.

Wiretapping provides the most extreme example of the U.S. government abuse of its powers. For the U.S. government to spy on its own citizens without any consent goes against any right to privacy given to the public by the Constitution. And acts like the "Protect America Act," proposed by President Bush and his supporters to make wiretapping a warrantless procedure, do little to correct the situation (Peter). The U.S. government needs to take responsibility for more of its actions, instead of trying to justify them by making them laws. Terrorism may be a major concern, but U.S. citizens should not have to trade their freedom for safety. Acts like these that encourage spying on citizens only limit Americans' liberties without their knowledge thereof. Ideas like wiretapping are things that should be brought before the general public or at least members of Congress to gain their consent, instead of allowing one branch of the government to proceed unchecked.

Another instance of the executive branch proceeding in their actions without regard for the Constitution is the treatment of prisoners in detainment camps. These prisoners are being deprived of their right to habeas corpus- a fundamental right in the due process of law. The executive branch has overridden that right and the voting majority of congress agreed, citing that "the prisoners are dangerous foreign criminals who don't deserve access to the U.S. court" ("Habeas Corpus"). Over 95 percent of...

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