Google: A Saga of Innovation

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Google, the world's most popular search engine, is scaling new heights these days. Born out of a project work carried out by Larry Page (Page) and Sergey Brin (Brin), both Stanford dropouts, Google has come a long way; from a small information search technology on the web to the world's most popular and mostly referred search engine.

Google search is an easy-to-use service which gives the results of a query in a fraction of a second. Millions of browsers prefer Google over search engines such as AltaVista, Infoseek, Netscape and Lycos. Not only does Google rank much higher than other search engines in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, but it also scores over others in terms of layout due to its uncluttered look (Exhibit I gives a comparison of popular search engines).

Google searched more than three billion web pages and processed more than 200 million search requests every day. The search engine could search for every possible file type on the World Wide Web, in 36 languages and provided interface in 86 languages.

Exhibit I
A Comparison of Various Search Engines
Search EngineBoolean Default ProximityTruncation CaseFieldsLimitsStopSorting Google-, ORandPhraseNo, but stemming word in phraseNointitle inurl, inurl, link, site moreLanguage, file, type, date domainVaries, + searchesRelevance, Site Yahoo!And orandPhraseNoNo intitle, url site, inurl link, moreLanguage, file, type, date domainVery fewRelevance, Site Ask Jeeves/ Teoma-, ORandPhraseNoNo intitle, inurlLanguage, site, dateYes, + searchesRelevance, metasites MSN SearchAnd, OR, Not, (), -andPhraseNoNo link site, locurlLanguage, siteVaries, + searchesRelevance, site, sliders WiseNut– onlyandPhraseNoNoNoLanguageYes, + searchesRelevance, site GigablastAND, OR, And NOT, ( ), +, –andPhraseNoNotitle, site, ipDomain, typeVaries, + searchesRelevance ExaleadAND, OR, NOT ( ), –andPhrase NearYesNotitleLanguage, file type, dateVaries, + searchesRelevance, date Adapted from

Since its inception, Google has been successful in giving its competitors a run for their money. In a short span of time, Google has become the best search engine by eating into the market share of Yahoo and other players. Its innovative strategy to generate revenue by placing advertisements on sites which contain information related to those ads has indeed made Google highly profitable. As if that was not enough; a year ago, Google surprised everyone by announcing the launch of Gmail, its email service, with a massive storage space of 1GB. Gmail, which was launched on 1st April 2004, was quite successful in attracting users of Yahoo and Hotmail.


Though Google is a Linux based search engine, it is supported by any browser i.e. Internet Explorer or Netscape. When Google entered the online search market, Yahoo was the market leader. Yahoo, the most popular portal, offered services such as news updates, search results, and email services. The founders of Google, Page and Brin, wanted to make Google an innovative search engine. Their relentless efforts towards that objective proved fruitful as, in a span of 5 years, Google became successful by placing itself ahead of Yahoo in the search engine market.

In the year 2001, Google even came up with search technology for Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) enabled phones and other handheld devices. As years passed by, the company went adding new features for its users thus emerging as the world's no.1 search engine. Table I explains the list of features offered by Google. In 2002, Google pioneered the concept of Ad Words and Ad Sense, and thus created a sensation in the field of online advertising (Refer Exhibit II).

Table I
Google Web Search Features
• Book Search - New!Use Google to search the full text of books. • Cached LinksView a snapshot of...
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