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Topics: Nursing, Nursing theory, Florence Nightingale Pages: 9 (1682 words) Published: May 1, 2015
1. To perform an Internet search, which engine type would produce a narrow and focused result? Choose 1 answer
A. Web bot
B. Hybrid
C. Web crawler
D. Human-powered
2. When searching on the Internet, which Boolean command allows any of the search terms to be present on the Web page(s) listed results? Choose 1 answer
In Boolean searches, always enclose OR statements in parentheses 3. Which Internet search strategy should be used to yield information about peripheral vascular disease associated with diabetes?

Choose 1 answer
A. Peripheral vascular disease NOT diabetes
B. Peripheral vascular disease NEAR diabetes
C. Peripheral vascular disease AND diabetes
D. Peripheral vascular disease OR diabetes

4. What are the two characteristics of the CINAHL database?
Choose 2 answers
A. It contains relevant articles from educational, behavioral, business, and information science. B. It includes journals relating to allied health, as well as biomedical and consumer health. C. It includes terms and information that nonmedical professionals can understand D. It contains published journals that cover all areas including biomedicine.

5. What are three characteristics of evidence-based practice? Choose 3 answers
A. Based upon clinical experience.
B. Based on research studies
C. Uses data passed along from one clinician to another.
D. Based on cookbook approaches to practice
E. Facilitates standardization of practice.

6. A patient comes into the clinic with probable gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and the clinician wants to put him on a medication. Which situation reflects the use of evidence-based practice in choosing that medication? Choose 1 answer

A. The clinician prescribes the H-2 blocker promoted by their favorite drug representative. B. The clinician prescribes the medication found to be most effective in a recent head to head trial of H-2 blocker versus proton-pump inhibitor. C. The clinician prescribes the newest proton-pump inhibitor on the market. D. The clinician prescribes nothing and refers the patient to a gastroenterologist who best knows the standard of care for treating GERD. 7. Which three statements illustrate the value of using evidence-based practice to improve nursing care? Choose 3 answers

A. Decreases client input, allowing experts to make the decisions B. Increases patient satisfaction because the care is standardized by the physician C. Increases nursing job satisfaction because care delivery is organized. D. Decreases cost through standardizing patient care

E. Increases the use of an interdisciplinary team

8. An individual is doing an Internet search on materials needed to write a master's thesis. Which example would demonstrate a higher level of confidence in the material?

Choose 1 answer
A. The material was first created 20 years ago.
B. The article is from a peer-reviewed journal.
C. The term "prove" is used.
D. The research is sponsored by a special interest group.

9. Which two criteria help evaluate the validity of an article? Choose 2 answers
A. The sample population is diverse.
B. The conclusions are supported by evidence.
C. The data-gathering processes were fluid and flexible.
D. The findings can be generalized.
E. The writing process involved many authors.

10. Which two statements describe how articles may be evaluated for publication in professional journals? Choose 2 answers
A. Rejection may be based on publication deadlines only.
B. The article is checked to determine reading level.
C. Peer reviewers complete a standardized review form.
D. Internal review is completed by an editorial advisory board. E. Anonymous peer review is completed by a minimum of five reviewers.

11. What are three characteristics of nursing theories?
Choose 3 answers
A. They provide strategies for evaluating...
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