Features of the Search Engine Bing

Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: July 10, 2010
Web Search Report Worksheet
Name: Lizzie Merriweather
Search Engine: www.bing.com
Section #1: Features of the Search Engine
Identify which features can be found in this search engine (it may have one or multiple features). Does it (answer Y or N):
_y__ Search the web?
__y_ Search other search engines?
_y__ Act as a directory (lists of categories to select from)? Does it (answer Y or N):
_y__ Have an advanced search option?
_y__ Have “Help” options?
_y__ Use Boolean Logic (and, or, not)?
_n__ Use Truncation/Wild Card Characters or Special Characters (*, ?, ~)
_y__ Translate web pages?
_y__ Allow field limiting searches (can you search for filetypes, site, intitle)* _y__ Allow you to do a search within a completed search (find similar pages, offer terms to narrow your search)?
_y__ Recognize parentheses or quotation marks to search for phrases?
_y__ Allow you to change the way the page is displayed (number returns on the page, preferred language)? _y__ List the number of pages in the database?
_y__ Explain how the results are ranked?
Please list other Noteworthy Features:
Travel,shopping,health and local
Section #2: Overall Evaluation (create a bulleted list for each question) After reviewing the key features of the search engine, answer the following questions: What are the strengths of the search engine?

* List other pages on the web where you can find information. * The search engine sort through millions of database to find matches. * It automated search engine bots.

What are the weaknesses of the search engine?
* It only works for suitable websites and only for a few selected search keywords only. * The copy writing is good only a few situation.
* They are not reliable
What would you change about the search engine?
* I would make it easier to search the web.
* Put a age limit on certain web sites
* Make a education site for younger kids

Section #3: Evaluating Search Results...
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