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Topics: Ford Motor Company, Environmentalism, Environment Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: April 1, 2014
Going green is one of the initiatives that has been going on in different parts of the world. Pollution has been one of the major causes of climate change. Going green is hence aimed at reducing the pollution levels and enlightening the society on the importance of living in a green environment. The eco-system cycle should be safe guarded for the welfare of the future. Production companies have been on the look out for techniques that enhance the theme of going green (Davies 2012). Car companies have been on the competitive edge to come up with vehicles that operate in an environmentally friendly way. The following is a highlight of some of the cars from different car manufacturing companies which have come up with the goal of going green. Toyota Prius

Toyota is one of the car manufacturing companies that has come up with a model aimed at creating an environment free from pollution. The Toyota Prius has a variety of features that are aimed at maintaining the green nature of the environment (Muller 2013). The car has an electrical charging system instead of using fuel which contains carbon. The car has a wireless charging system which enhances its efficiency and use. The wireless induced system is one that enhances the vehicles performance. Environmental research reveal that the car will be one of the best initiatives in the going green program. Ford Focus

The Ford Company is among others that have joined in the initiative of manufacturing cars that are friendly to the environment. The Ford Focus is among the developing cars from the company aimed at going green. The car applies more of electric energy and is more fuel efficient compared to the previous series of cars. It is 252-horsepower and has an Ecoboost system that increases on its efficiency (Maierbrugger 2013). Such modifications should be encouraged for other car manufacturing companies with the aim of going green and making the environment a better place to live in. The car has an...
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