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Topics: Sustainability, Recycling, Environment Pages: 4 (1119 words) Published: March 8, 2014
Case: The Green Team


Yourway Subs of Naperville, Illinois is attempting to become more environmentally friendly. They hope to qualify for government tax credits rewarding environmentally conscious companies.
At present, the company has daily deliveries to their retail stores to ensure their products are fresh. Carry out food purchases by their customers are normally done in plastic containers and bags. Food related products are purchased from large distributors and producers who are generally located long distances from their stores. The core of their distribution system is never being out of stock of an item.

The CEO, Jean Beierlein, is aware of the emphasis by the federal governments to reward environmentally conscious companies with tax credits, especially in environmentally troubles cities. She has planned for a pilot program to be started in the Midwest. To implement this plan she has appointed Lauren Weber, director of sustainability, to head what she refers to as the “Green Team”. The Green Team consists of Tracy Shannon, principal with CSCR, LLC, and Emily Heuer, director of produce and social responsibility for Yourway Subs.

In order not just to pay lip service to a sustainability action program, the team has decided to meet the Green Standard for Fast Food Chains. The have come up with several initiatives in order to get the ball rolling:

Procure produce locally
Bake bread on site
Reduce miles the inbound products are shipped
Collaborate with suppliers to reduce packaging and transport miles Re-evaluate inventory strategies

Use of local grown produce helps to sustain local businesses and farmers. It will reduce the company’s expenditures by reducing fuel cost in regards to long distant deliveries. Reduction of fuel will also reduce air pollution due to truck emissions. Baking bread on site reduces supply deliveries and allows better tracking of inventory. It will ensure quality control. Reducing the miles of...
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