should cars be efficient

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Should cars be more efficient?

Should cars be more efficient?
Well this can be so and can seem not so efficient for cars. Not always can cars be efficient. I could pop the question when is efficiency desirable for the use of cars. This will be the point of view that I will tackle throughout this paper. Now in time and time to come, with the rise of growth, I think that when this happens efficient is not that of an importance. Within some years now, the auto industry has been growing. Efficient has raised a question in the auto industry; by questionable about whether the world can support the efficient in cars. If a single driver in a car that is able to carry 4 to 6 for a distance of 2 to 300 miles is not so efficient when we need only commute 30 miles each day to work and back. One study is the “heat engine” which is the internal combustion engine. This efficient vehicle can have more of efficient. Cars and trucks account for more than 60 percent of U.S. oil consumption and more than 25 percent of domestic carbon pollution, environmental statistics show. The auto industry has held on to cleaner burning fuels, more efficient engines and advanced battery technologies for gasoline-electric hybrids and full-electric cars that produce few to no emissions. Automakers are growing to boost efficiency, and many cars on the road already meet or exceed the 2016 targets. General Motors and Japan's Nissan are racing to roll out the first mass-produced electric cars later this year and other manufacturers have designs in the pipeline. The Obama administration in April completed regulations for passenger vehicles that it will require a 30 percent decrease in carbon emissions and a 42 percent increase in auto fuel efficiency to 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016. By doing this, it can help to cut our oil dependence and carbon pollution. Transportation has become many concerns across the world. You will find that no matter where you are transportation is needed in most places. There are many issues on efficient especially when it comes to cars. Not only are cars, you have aircraft that uses fuel as well. Here is where the environment will have an effect because of its carbon dioxide, which pollutes the communities. Energy-efficient vehicles will probably develop in the future car manufacturers actually prepare new offers for the mass market. The Obama administration, a labor union and key auto manufacturers have joined with the state of California to reach a critical deal requiring passenger vehicles to average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. Also announced and broadly agreed upon were the first standards for heavy-duty trucks that will reduce their fuel use by 10 to 20 percent by 2018. Here, Schweiger says National Wildlife Federation (NWF) supports these agreements because they mean passenger cars and light trucks built in 2025 will eject about 50% less carbon pollution than cars today and heavy-duty trucks will reduce their carbon emissions significantly. My general feelings about the efficiency of vehicles are to making them more efficient. In fact, before researching this issue, I had no idea that making vehicles more efficient can be a debate. I think that the more fuel efficient vehicles we have, will help on issues with the oil industry and its price, it will help the environment and save money for consumers. More efficient vehicles will actually lead to greater consumption. Economists all seem to agree that efficiency leads to more consumption. Making vehicles more efficient will only make us more dependent on oil in the long run. The only way for vehicles to be more efficient and to reduce our overall consumption of oil would be to make the cost of operating efficient vehicles cost the same as operating inefficient ones. This can only be done by imposing a “green...

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