God Sees the Truth but Wait

Topics: Murder, Merchant, KILL Pages: 3 (707 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Leisure Reading Report
“God sees the truths but waits”
Leo Tolstoy
I. Setting
Town of Vladimir
II. Characterization
Ivan Dmitrich Aksionov- handsome, fair haired, curly.Headed fellow, full
Of fun, and very fund in singing.
-he had two shops and a house of its own.
-lived in the town of Vladimir
Makar Semyonich-accompanied of Akisonov in jail
-One who killed the merchant.
1. Doze-to sleeps tightly
2. Despair-to lose our hope; hopelessness
3. Seize-to take possession of forcibly or suddenly; to grasps; to snatch; to Comprehend
4. Bind-to tie with a bond or cord; to restrain
5. Vengeance-infliction of pain on another for an injury receive
6. Utter-to speak; to put in circulation
7. Rumors-popular report; current story
8. Merchant-traders; articles of trade
9. Knot-an intertwining of ropes or cords
10. Inn-a hotel; loosely; a tavern
IV. Summary
Ivan Dmitrich Aksionov is a merchant living in a town in Vladimir. He is prone to drinking, he is not violent, and he is responsible and well liked by people that know him. One day he decides to go to a fair as a business venture, but his wife pleads for him not to go because of a nightmare she had the previous night. Aksionov doesn't consider his wife's dream and leaves for the fair. Aksionov meets another merchant on his way, and the two decide to travel together. They check into an inn and have a good time drinking, and then they retire separately. Aksionov wakes early in the next morning to get to the fair and leaves without the other merchant. Not far down the road, Aksionov is stopped by some policemen. They explain a merchant was just murdered and robbed, and then they search Aksionov's bag. They find a bloody knife, and despite Aksionov's claims that he is not the murderer, he is sentenced and sent to Siberia. After his trial flogging, his wife can finally visit him, and she sees that...
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