Insight: the Death of Ivan Ilych

Topics: Dream, Truth, Thing Pages: 2 (818 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Santos, Benedict T.
World Literature | T.Th., 12:30-02:00p.m.
SW#2: Insight
I’m young and filled with dreams. Dreams that sometimes obscure the truths I have to face. Dreams that are like morphine that departs us from reality. But what’s really ironic with most of our dreams is that it’s not from us but from the society, the society dictates our dreams, what the society thinks is best for us is the thing we dream to be even if sometimes it does not correspond our beliefs and values, at least, for me. I am a victim of this notorious dictator worse than any dictator who have altered the course of the world. I realized that most of my dreams are not my dreams but the society’s. I see myself in the character of the young Ivan Ilych who is filled with dreams, complacent, and seems to be sure of the future. Together with my dreams is a deep and blind veneration to people who have made great achievements in the field I’m trying to pursue. Society, dreams, and influential people, these are things that sometimes keep us from realizing and seeing the truths in life or maybe we know them, but just deny them to tolerate our blind dreaming and living.

Dreaming is part of living but living shouldn’t be boxed by this dreaming. When was the last time we or I paused to think, introspect, and contemplate about the things happening in our life, about the paths we are taking, and the decisions we are making. I like how Socrates puts it “An unexamined life is life not worth living”, truth is we know where to go and we know what we do but more often than not we don’t know why, especially to us, the youth. Most of us live according to what the society or the public tells us even if it’s not what we know we ought to do, I like how an anonymous guy puts it “We never grow up, we just learn how to act in public”, I believe it is because most of us lacks purpose in life or maybe we have but it is a very mundane one. Indeed, most of us are entangled with the vines of society with venoms...
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