global warming

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Global Warming
Climate change caused by global warming is the hugest environmental crisis the world is facing. Global warming is termed as a gradual increase in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere and oceans, a change which has been proven to change the earth’s climate completely. Looking at the data presented by scientists, it is evident that the earth is warming. It is the current discussed factor addressed across the globe. Current trends transparently show that global warming has effects on nature’s balance, rising the sea level, and occurrence of floods. The planet’s temperature is confirmed to have risen by 0.5 degrees Celsius. With the emerging trends of continuous carbon emission, scientists claim that temperature is expected to increase from 1.4- 5.8 degrees Celsius. Global warming is confirmed to be a fundamental threat to living creatures on earth.

According to the reports by the scientists, global warming has significantly increased over the past centuries. Climate changes have been caused by technological inventions. There has been an increase of carbon emission in the atmosphere since industrial revolution. The four key contributors of climate change are water vapor, methane, ozone and carbon dioxide. Some of the current trends that have proven existence of global warming include warming of the planet, rise of sea level, and natural calamities such as storm and floods (Archer 2011, 3).

According to the report by Intergovernmental Parnell on Climate Change, rapid acceleration of climate change is driven by humans. A common goal of taking action on climate change problem is in scientists’ community. It has been proven that human activities have a great impact and contribution in global warming.

Emission of green house gases is one of driving trends that contributes in global warming. The gases include carbon dioxide, Methane, and Nitrous Oxide gases. The...
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