Humans Are to Blame for Global Warming

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Climate change Pages: 5 (1563 words) Published: June 13, 2011
Humans Are To Blame For Global Warming
Kevin Odhiambo Ogwa
Lake Michigan College

Every human activity has a particular effect on objects surrounding his or her environment, be it physical, mental, or social. But notably, the most evident might be the effect of human activity on global warming. Global warming is quickly becoming a major topic of concern worldwide, and has been stirring up controversy everywhere with its adverse effects seen all over the world. It causes rise of the temperature, leading to – among other things - melting of the polar ice and glaciers, increase in sea level, and extreme weather events. Its effects can also be felt in the form of natural disasters like drought, floods, and tornadoes. Of recent, we have experienced very devastating natural disasters like the Tsunami that affected many parts of Asia in 2005, Hurricane Katrina, numerous tornadoes in the United States, and the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Japan. All these are due to effects of global warming. Research evidence by scientists and opinions polls conducted by credible pollsters indicate that the major causes of climate change are human activities and this paper tries to evaluate the impact of human activities on global warming and how climate change has in turn affected the very same humans whose activities cause global warming.

Humans Are To Blame For Global Warming
Our world has gone through several climate changes in its lifetime. Over the years, the earth has been gradually getting warmer due to pollution and there is little doubt that human activities are to blame. Humans, however, have been slow to take the necessary actions to prevent this trend from getting any worse. Now, we are under siege of a very disastrous monster: Global Warming. If we continue going on with our lives oblivious of the consequences of our actions, we will face drastic and devastating losses in terms of the environmental degradation. And in this case, with food being inadequate, there not being enough fresh air, the environment being destroyed through constant floods and drought in some instances, it will be difficult if not impossible to cope in this world. Human activities such as greenhouse gas mitigation, emission of chemicals into air by industries, and deforestation are the major causes of global climate change. One of the biggest issues facing us right now is global warming. Global warming is when the earth’s average temperature increases as a result of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide, and methane) trapping heat and light from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere. The effects of global warming on human, animals, and on agriculture are indeed frightening. Most parts of the world have experienced devastating climatic changes in recent times; the recent earthquakes in Japan, the numerous hurricanes all over America and periodic floods and drought in Africa are examples of the effects of climate change. Despite all these adverse effects, the human race still destroy the environment with contempt by cutting trees and releasing poisonous gases to the environment which can cause a very huge magnitude of harm to the people. As much as there is so much furor and accusations about the human race being the main cause for global warming, many people have attributed effects of global warming like tornadoes and hurricanes to forces of nature beyond human control. Many people claim that deforestation is mainly caused by forest fires and though logging of forest trees is rampant in places like Africa, the rate of deforestation in the United State is higher due to forest fire, thereby exempting humans from blame as they cannot control the fires caused by natural heat. Also, global warming effects experienced in the north and south poles are due to carbon accumulated in carbon cycle for thousands of years and hence humans are not to blame. Some environmental scientists claim that climate is affected by numerous factors...

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