Giving a Helping Hand

Topics: Rotary International, Rotaract, Flatirons Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Give a Helping Hand
The Rotaract Club at the University of Colorado at Boulder is about creating a community around the idea of service and leadership. The college version of Rotary, known as Rotaract, develops and participates in service projects to provide cutting edge leadership development opportunities for members. It is a community for people committed to positive change to gather for inspiration, support, motivation, help, and real world leadership training. CU Rotaract is a force of good in the Boulder community and in the world. The Rotaract Club is not only a CU student group dedicated to service in just the University or Boulder, but it is also dedicated to service on a national and international community level. Nancy Glock-Gruenich stated in her article “Higher Education and Human Survival”: “If our species is to pull back from the brink in time, if it’s to find its way into new ways of being, then every single institution must bring its full powers to the task and must change, often in the most fundamental of ways- for arguably all carry some if the problem, and all some potential for the solution” (Glock-Gruenich 2). The quote from the article is explaining how it is vital for everyone to work together and give a helping hand to solve the problems that are occurring in our world today. The Rotaract Club does an abundant amount of volunteer work from alleviating hunger in their community to giving needy families the opportunity to celebrate the holidays. The CU Rotaract Club creates a holiday event in the Boulder area every year where there is a gift exchange, holiday feast, and vocal entertainment. In addition to helping others, CU Rotaract also emphasizes having fun while lending a hand. The Rotaract Club signed its application for charter with Rotary International, with an unprecedented four sponsoring clubs. CU Rotaract is supported by the Boulder Rotary Club, the Boulder Valley Rotary Club, the Boulder Flatirons Rotary Club, and the Coal...

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Glock-Gruenich, Nancy. “Higher Education and Human Survival.” 18 Sept. 2011: 1-2.
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