Girls vs Boys

Topics: Olfaction, Object, Sense Pages: 3 (596 words) Published: June 27, 2013

By: Reina Thayer

5 boys, 5 girls, blindfold, lemon juice, vinegar, lavender scent, vanilla scent, pencil, envelope, sharpening stone, shirt pin, plastic, aluminum, stone, Styrofoam, salt, cinnamon, powdered sugar, and pepper


I first started off with one of the five girls and covered her eyes with a blindfold. Next, I started with the smell category and had her identify each of the four objects using only here sense of smell; I then recorded if she got the object right or wrong (but did not tell the subject). I then did the same steps with the touch, hear, and taste categories. Once the first girl was finished I repeated those steps with the other 4 girls and 5 boys.


My results turned out well and girls won the battle, on smell girls got 16/20 while boys got 9/20, on touch girls got a 14 /20 and boys came so close behind with a 13/20, so far the girls have been winning. On to the last two categories, while girls got a 16/20 on hear, boys received a 6/20 putting them far behind from the girls. Last but not least the tasting part was a really close tie but girls made a 19/20 putting the girls in first place for ALL categories while boys made a 14/20 making the boys last in ALL categories.

My research is very similar to others research and the results are the same. In other projects like mine it was stated that girls used their senses better than men because of their shopping skills and the fact they use both sides of their brain. Possible errors made in this experiment could be the fact it wasn’t just me and the one subject in a room during experimentation, but others that were not not apart of the experiment that may have distracted the subject. My data has varied between repeated observations by what the subjects being tested guess some of the food objects are, the wrong guesses got different each time. I don’t believe that any uncontrolled event affected my experiment, if I had...
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