Bargain Brand vs Brand Names

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Bargain Brand vs. Brand Name
In this lab the main purpose was to research for a company that made bargain brand products to see if college students equally like bargain bands to name brands. The experiment that was preformed was based solely on the taste of the products. To be sure the only thing that affect the experiment was taste, the experiment was made a single blind experiment, which is simply the administer knows which product is which but the test subject does not. To start off the experiment the sample of college students was at a number of 18. The first step taken was to randomly assign the brand labels which would be either j or k. In this experiment j became bargain brand and k became name brand. The experiment started off with the administer wearing gloves and ask the test subject to close their eyes so slimily seeing it would not help determine which product is which. Then the test subject was asked to draw a number from a box and if it had a zero the administer would give brand j then k but if it was a one they would give brand k the j. Then the experiment move to actually tasting the product which would be a drink, and they would take product in the order that the test subject drew. After that step was done the test subject would give the cup back to the administer so they could document the results and so that no one was influenced by others option’s out loud. This result was documented for all 18 people and put into a chart to keep record of hat the test subject thought. Then the experiment ended with asking the test subject to open there eyes. The chart with the information would be set up as participant, number draw, first brand, second brand and the preference brand. Major Results

First to start of the statistical method was use to find out the proportion of college kids preferred the bargain brand. To do this, take the number of college students that preferred bargain brands and divided it by the overall number of college...
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