General Mills Corporate Responsibility

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General Mills Corporate Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate social responsibility is recognized as business activities that affect the community, and the impact of these activities in the community (Pride This is important for businesses to connect with their community in order to create customer loyalty and to gain new customers. Customers often choose where to do their business with businesses that choose to be responsible. Therefore, being socially responsible is a good business practice.

General Mills

The General Mills Foundation was started in 1954, and has since given 420 million dollars to its communities. These grants were given to programs such as; youth nutrition and fitness, arts, culture, social services, education and the United Way. The General Mills Foundation also supplies volunteers to support education, arts, and cultural organizations. General Mill’s matches its employees and retirees donations to the community dollar for dollar. In 2009, nearly 21 million dollars were matched and given to community (Pride General Mills said it plans to improve the packaging of 40% of its global product volume by 2015. Improvements could include recycled content, packaging weight, renewable content, or truck-loading efficiency. General Mills also said it is "escalating its 3 commitment to environmental sustainability" through actions such as installing solar panels and building the company’s first biomass burner (King, B, 2011). Incorporated in 1928, with 5,800 employees and reported annual profits of 123 million dollars, General Mills became the world’s largest flour milling companies in the world (General Mills, Inc., 2011). General Mills remains one of the world's leading food companies. Their annual earnings report records the annual profit in 2009 at by 565.5 million dollars (General Mills Applied Sustainability Team, 2011). Headquartered in the United States, Minneapolis, Minnesota, General Mills operates in more than 100 countries and markets more than 100 brands. General Mills is the manufacturer of such products as; Cheerios, Häagen-Dazs, Nature Valley, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Green Giant, Old El Paso, Progresso, Yoplait, Cascadian Farm, Muir Glen, and many more (General Mills Applied Sustainability Team, 2011). During World War Two, General Mills was already displaying corporate responsibility. Long before the public ever raised the issue. During WWII, the factories were restructured to produce equipment for the navy, medicinal alcohol, and bags to make into sandbags. Not to be forgotten dehydrated food for the service men and woman (General Mills, Inc, 2011). Official, General Mills has been working toward corporate responsibility for over 40 years, 2010 marks the 40 year of their annual social responsibility report (General Mills Applied Sustainability Team, 2011). In 2010, General Mills announced their corporate responsibility goals. Some of these are to reduce energy usage by 20 percent, greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent, and water usage by 20 percent and solid waste generation by 50 percent. In addition, the 4

company’s transportation goal for North American operations is to reduce the fuel used to ship a pound of product by 35 percent by the fiscal year of 2015 (Food Processing Staff, 2011).
Box Tops for Education is a fundraising effort, which benefits more than 70,000 of America’s kindergarten through grade eight schools. Since 1996 when General Mills launched Box Tops for Education, schools have earned more than $340 million dollars. In the year 2010 alone, schools earned more than $49 million dollars in cash for anything they needed to help fill...

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