Unit 1 Discussion General Mills

Topics: Nutrition, Environment, Social responsibility Pages: 1 (435 words) Published: June 12, 2015
Corporate sustainability initiatives and accomplishments are published on the Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire site at http://www.csrwire.com.  Click on “Members” to find a long list of member companies.  After reading information about the company, discuss their social responsibility efforts and sustainability initiatives.  How do you think their efforts have impacted company profits? General Mills has shared its Global Responsibility Report to the public for the past 45 years. The report outlines the company’s approach to creating economic, environmental and social value in the countries it operates. Their goal is nourish lives and make an impact on our communities through various outlets. In 2005, General Mills implemented its US Health Matric. Since then, they have nutritionally improved more than 850 products. Their goal is to help people live healthier lives by creating nutritious foods, championing global food safety, education consumers about nutrition and fitness. Part of making this possible is sourcing. General Mills sources the raw materials used in their products. They hope that by 2020 they will source 100% of their top 10 priority ingredients. The environment is also of importance to General Mills. They strive to continually reduce their environmental footprint by improving the environmental performance of their operations. They have cut energy use by 10% and GHG emissions by 23% from 2005 to 2014. Also, since 2005, they have reduced their waste generation rate by 41%. 87% of all waste from their North American operations are recycled or reused. General Mills has decreased its fuel usage rates down 22%, another example of what it is doing to help the environment. A top priority in any company should be the workplace. General Mills’ goal is to foster a safe, ethical and diverse workplace where employees can flourish. In 2014, by maintaining a safe workplace, they reduced their global injury rate by 17%. 95% of the people employed by...
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