General Mills: a History of Responsibility

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General Mills: A History Of Responsibility

Officially taking the name in 1928, General Mills has become one of the largest food companies in the world. They own brands like Cheerios, Pillsbury, Yoplait, Green Giant, Betty Crocker, Old El Paso, Totino’s and Progresso. Since the creation of their corporation, General Mills have established themselves as a company that flourishes by being socially and economically responsible. Their mission is to lead by example, and by doing so hope to promote positive change. Unlike other large corporations, General Mills uses their profits to give back. They have a strong commitment to their community, environment, and their employees.

The Community
Since the beginning of the company in the late 1800’s, General Mills has held a firm commitment to the community. Their commitment has enhanced the lives of families and children across the globe, and helps cities and neighborhoods grow and prosper. The most notable accomplishment General Mills has made to express their dedication towards giving back to the community, was the formation of the General Mills Foundation in 1954. Since then, the foundation and the company together have donated $700 million to communities across the United States. The foundation has supported numerous organizations and has made grants available, providing money to causes ranging from youth nutrition to education and the arts. General Mills is dedicated to the health and fitness of youth. Their breakthrough ideas, including The General Mills Champions for Healthy Kidsä teach children across the United States how to eat healthy and stay physically active. General Mills has invested nearly $11 million over the past five years in these programs that have reached over 2 million children.

General Mills also helps feed hungry Americans. For many years, they have teamed up with America’s Second Harvest and contributed over $21 million worth of General Mills products to more than 200...

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