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Among the three departments of the bank, more emphasize has been given to General Banking activities, in order to prepare this report. Basically report’s findings is cover two major areas, first- “Managing the need of General Banking customer”, SIBL fulfill General Banking customer need by offering the various types of Account like- Al wadia current and Saving accounts and different deposit scheme like- Lakhopoti deposit scheme, pension saving scheme etc and other functions like- Remittance, clearing, cash section function. SIBL also follow some procedure to manage the need of General Banking customer.

Another major area of this report is “Performance Analysis of SIBL” and in this part some tools has been used to analyze the performance of the bank like- Financial statement analysis. In order to do this analysis, Common size Comparative Balance sheet & Income statement and Ratio analysis have been prepared. From the calculation, it is found that the Total asset, client deposit, owners equity are increased as both amount and percentage from the last year. The Income from investment, income from operating income and Net income are also increased from the last year.

Ratio analysis in one of the common method to analyze the bank performance, from the calculation it is observed that the Liquidity and Efficiency ratio are not good but the percentage of profitability and capital adequacy ratio are increase from the previous year. The above explanations indicate that the overall performance of the bank is satisfactory.

1.1Scope of the Study:

In my internship period, the scope of the work was as vast as I was assigned to work in every departments of the bank in Mohammadpur Kaderia Tayebia Madrasha Branch, I have tried to observe and understand the all banking activities especially General banking activities and other day to day functions perform in this branch. I also tried to understand different topic from the bank personnel.

1.2 Objectives of the Report:

The board objective of this report is to complete my BBA program and to acquire knowledge of banking sector. To achieve the main objectives, I also try to understand some specific objectives. Those objectives are pointed out as follows:

To gather knowledge about the functions and transactions of different departments of the bank. To get ideas on the activities of General banking.
To get ideas of Foreign exchange department
To understand the difference between previous and present banking system of SIBL. To find out the financial performance of the bank
To know the difference between Islamic banking and conventional banking system.


1.3.1Data collection method

This report has been prepared on the basis of the data that were collected during the internship period. I have conducted in depth interview with the different experience personnel of the bank. In order to make the report more meaningful and acceptable, I tried to collect data from two sources-

Primary source: Face to face conversation with the respective officer and staff of the bank.

Secondary sources: Annual report (2007, 2006), Printed material of SIBL, Internet and previous report.

1.3.2Data analysis method

All the data that collected from primary & secondary sources have been analyzed by using the following methods to reach the Report’s Findings. Observation Technique
Financial statement analysis:
oRatio analysis
oCommon size financial statement analysis (Vertical)
oComparative financial statement analysis (Horizontal)
SWOT analysis

After analyzing the data, I have been able to reach my findings that represent the “Managing the Need of General Banking customer & Performance analysis of SIBL”


Difficult to collect necessary data because the busyness of the bank personnel. Three months is not sufficient to know the overall...
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