Performance Evaluation on Ncc Bank Ltd

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Performance Evaluation on Ncc Bank Ltd.
1.1 origin of the report
I started my internship on National Credit & Commerce Bank Limited –NCCBL Motijheel Branch on 19th September and ended on 19th December 2013. Throughout my internship period Fatima Satter, Lecturer of Eastern University was my academic supervisor and Md.Ayub Assistant Vice President &MD.Masum Manager Operation was my field supervisor. A study on a particular topic is a mandatory part of the internship program. I was authorized to make a study on the “performance evaluation on National Credit & Commerce Bank Limited”. In this whole study I tried to connect my own financial knowledge to the financial data of. I tried my level best to produce a quality study on “Performance evaluation on National Credit & Commerce Bank Limited”. 1.2 Problem Statement & Justification

The financial performance evaluation on bank is unknown. The reason for the research was to do a pilot study and we wanted to identify bank’s financial data analysis or change in year by year. By this study Bank organization can make better decision to improve their growth and to compare the competitor they visualize their position. 1.3Limitations of the study

It was a great opportunity for me to work in NCC Bank limited as an Intern and a make a study on the financial performance analysis of it but there were surely some limitations while making this study. They are- * Difficulty in accessing latest data of internal operations for data security. * Since the bank personnel are very busy with their activities, as a result they were unable to provide much information about the study. * As I have done this kind of study for the first time and the subject matter is very complex that’s why it was difficult to organize the study in a simple manner. * Besides all these “Time constraint” is another problem for which many aspects of NCC Bank Limited are dropped in this study. 1.4 Objectives of the Study:

There are two objectives behind our study. These areas-
I. Broad Objective
II. Specific Objectives
Broad objective:
The broad objective of my study is to find out the Performance evaluation on “National credit & commerce Bank Limited”. Specific objectives:
There are some specific objectives of my study. These are given below--- * To investigate financial presentation by evaluate different ratios * To compare financial performance with industry in the last five years(2008-2012) * To identify the strength and weakness of bank based on the performance evaluation in the last five years (2008-2012). 1.5 Methodology

(a) Research Design:
As the origin of this study is to analysis and evaluate the performance and also make a comparative analysis of other Banks. Descriptive Method was undertaken to gain insights of the performance analysis of NCCBL. Because of data sources were identified and collected, they were classified, analyzed, interpreted and presented in a systematic manner and key points are found out. (b) Selection of the Topic:

The topic selected for the study was chosen by me and approved by” Fatima Satter” Lecturer Department of Business Administration, and Eastern University. 1.6 Sources
Primary Sources:
Practical experience and queries from the executives while doing my internship at The NCC Bank Ltd. Some data are collected from Informal discussion with the executives of the bank. Secondary Sources:

* Official Website
* Banking journals
* Research papers
* Annual Study of NCC Bank Limited from 2003-2012
* Brochures of NCC Bank Limited
* Different written document of NCC Bank Limited
* Newspapers
NCC Bank Limited is the leading private sector bank in Bangladesh offering full range of Personal, Corporate, International Trade, Foreign Exchange, Lease Finance and Capital Market Services. NCC Bank Limited is the preferred choice in banking for friendly and personalized services, cutting edge technology, tailored solutions...

Bibliography: * Lawrence, (2003), “Principle of Managerial Accounting”, 10th edition, Pearson Education Pte. Ltd, Singapore.
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